What are YOUR Pet Peeves ?!

Hey guys! SO, I was on campus yesterday and I was just getting so annoyed with EVERYONE! Ha, it was just one of those days we all have.. So I decided to make a pet peeves video for YOU :) I cut out pet peeves 6 & 7 because the video was getting ridiculously long, so sorry for some of the edits and I didn’t want to bore y’all. So I just started up this YouTube channel so if you have any advice PLEASE let me know! Also please please share this video if you agree, and let me know what YOUR pet peeves are below :)

xoxo, Raven



Hey guys! SO I have been gone for a while because a lot of stuff just kept coming up and focusing on school and juggling work has been a lot, but I am back and I missed you guys and blogging in general! I AM SO EXCITED, YAY :) anyway, I have some news….

I am going to start doing VLOGS on YouTube, so I have never done YouTube vids before or anything so this is definitely something I am new at.. I made my YouTube channel in 2011 but never used it….ooops :) so I have like zero views, and zero subscribers ( I AM SO COOL ) but I posted my first video today! February 11, 2013 (this is a day to remember guys) and would like to share it with you :)

My videos are going to be like my blogs, personal opinions about entertainment, Savage Block, fashion, relationships, beauty and just random topics I want to talk about and more.. sorry for my awkwardness in the first few videos feels kinda weird talking to your computer screen, especially knowing your roommates are definitely listening behind the door. smh lol. I also am going to start incorporating more of my personal life because thats what people like to see, So I am going to figure out a way to get my Instagram pictures up here, I know some of my tweets are up so just bare with me it’ll take some time to get everything set up perfectly!

But I missed you guys, and I am glad to be back for good! I will try to update as much as possible, but I am a college student so that comes first!

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Muah, xoxo

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Sexiest Men In Hollywood



As you all know I am obsessed with pop culture, entertainment, and of course fashion. I came across an article from The Insider that made me too happy that I had to share! “Hollywood’s Hottest Hunks” wooooo of course I had to post :)

My favorite two from the list were Dez Duron, contestant on the hit singing show The Voice! and of course my husband (who obviously doesn’t know it yet), Trey Songz.

I am in love. 

To see the rest of the sexy men on the list check out the rest of the article here at The Insider !

xoxo, Raven Tiara Brown